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Welcome to the website of freelance photographer Fritz Wilhelm and editor in chief Margrete Heising, who is also the creator of the oil paintings.


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oil paintings 

Snow Geese, White fronted Geese

Asian Falcated Duck

Brown Pelicans Diving for fish.

Great Blue Heron chicks in nests, growing, fighting, feeding ....

Young hawks growing up

Western Gulls with their chicks at Point Lobos.

Riverotter family in the neighborhood

Western Grebes with their young

Night heron with their three adorable chicks at Point Lobos

Wren feeding young.

Spectacular scenery at Point Lobos+animals.


Pictures of Humpbackwhales at Moss Landing


Humpbackwhale at Moss Landing

Dolphins and Whales at Moss Landing

All pictures are copyrighted by Fritz Wilhelm and Margrete Heising. Photos shown here are in lower quality than the original photos on which sales of prints are based. For purchases see bottom of this page.


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Wild Geese; Snow Geese

Canada Gees Fighting, Mating


River otters


 Coyotes and other Mammals


More Egrets





Sandhill Cranes

To see this bald eagle and other golden eagles click here

Golden eagles 2003 raising chick 

  and more Local golden eagles 




Clearlake in Oregon, close to the McKenzie river.

Assorted animals: Vultures, Bees, Rattler, Lizard, Turtles, Pheasant, Quail, etc.

Great Blue Heron chicks in nests

Great Blue Herons hunting 

Green Herons 

Black crowned night herons 

Various Hawk Species 

Red-tail, Red-shouldered, Harrier, Coopers


Kites Prey 


More White Pelicans

Brown Pelicans

Western, Clarks, Piedbilled, Horned  Grebes




Magpies, ravens, crows. jays.



Ducks -1  Ducks-2






Gulls and Terns




Stilts and other shorebirds


Tundra Swans

Seals and Sealions


Blue Angels


Ships in San Francisco


Surfing the Pacific

Surfing 2nd page


Mount Diablo


Local Park (Shellridge, Castlerock, Hidden Lakes, Lafayette Reservoir, Newhall Park, Heather Farm,

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